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This album is a compilation of all the small releases we've put out since Much Obliged in 2011. It includes the bonus tracks for the 2012 Re-release of Oh Sure, the songs from the 2012 Beach Party Split, the songs from the 2013 Gunner Records Single Club seven inch, the 2013 Irish Handcuffs Split and a couple of previously unreleased tracks.

From the PUNKNEWS review:

"Across the album there are a number of true gems ("Long Years" and "Hopelessbackandfourth" are exceptional songs) in addition to the tracks previously mentioned above, all displaying a relatively basic sound which is able to 'rock' in what seems like a relaxed and laid–back way. It's not only Webb's vocals that help aid this sense of calm as the musical accompaniment is modest and unhurried without causing the tracks to come across as sparse and/or lacking in energy. I must clarify this statement by reiterating that this album does rock so it's certainly got energy, in fact it's got bags of it, but DWATS apply it in a way that seems effortless. It would be so easy for the band to go into a studio and overdo a recording to the point that it loses its sense of being but here it's as if there is an acknowledgement that less is, so frequently, more without there actually being less!" -Rich Cocksedge

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